Wilson Elser COVID-19 Webinar Series: Post-COVID-19: Best Practices to Reenter the Construction Site

Partners Wendy Testa and Michael Beckelman will show how liability for construction project owners, construction professionals and contractors is likely to be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and provide risk management tools to control new job-site risks. In particular, they will examine currently filed litigation and the basis of claims from which those actions arise to address the direct […]

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Wilson Elser COVID-19 Webinar Series: Pandemic Compounded by Civil Unrest: The Insurance Implications

Insurance Coverage partners Jennifer Martin, Daniel Tranen and Paul White for a discussion of expected first-party claims associated with the ongoing civil unrest. Specified risks Civil authority coverage Physical loss requirements Voluntary versus mandatory shutdowns Policy conditions and the insuring agreements or exclusions that specifically identify civil unrest activities Whether coverage is impacted if insured property was already vacated due […]

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The New COVID-19 Challenge: Bringing Employees Back to Work

Employment & Labor practice co-chairs Steve Joffe, Dean Rocco and Yoora Pak, San Diego partner Bruno Katz and New York partner Celena Mayo will be joined by Board Certified Occupational and Environmental Medicine practitioner Dr. Robert Blink to discuss difficult issues surrounding gating procedures, developing pandemic prevention plans for re-opening workspaces and other emerging “frequently asked questions” around work in the COVID-19 […]

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