Expertise with Empathy. Your In-House Claims Team.

A professional liability claim can be much more than a financial burden, it can put your hard-earned reputation on the line. At Berkley Select, we don’t just process claims, we approach every claim with empathy and a commitment to support you through every step of the process.

We understand no two claim experiences are the same.

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Report a Claim

Our claims team is here to support you through every step. Report your claim today.

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Claim Scenarios

Explore examples illustrating a range of industry specific liability claim scenarios.

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Risk Management Resources

Are you a policyholder? Explore our complimentary risk management services and resources.

Your Claims Experience

The Berkley Select claims team handles every claim with professionalism and dedication. Our claim professionals average 21 years of industry experience and 70% are licensed attorneys, resulting in faster resolution and optimal outcomes for our insureds Throughout the process you can expect:

Our Claims Process

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Our claims team is here to support you through every step. Report your claim via our: 

Claim Submit Form

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Your claim will be immediately assigned to an industry focused, dedicated claim expert. Your claim expert will reach out, investigate the claim, and assess coverage.

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Defend and Resolve

If your loss is covered, we will provide defense, leveraging our partnerships and industry connections across the country. Your defense and claims teams will work closely together to smoothly resolve your claim and help you get back to business.

Claim FAQs