Executive Liability Insurance for Private Companies and Executives

Our ExecSuite® - Executive Liability Program provides expanded coverage for the exposures faced by directors and executives in their work associated with corporate governance in privately held companies, nonprofit organizations, and professional services firms.

Why Berkley Select

From risks like age discrimination, wrongful termination, and harassment, we know the actions of directors and officers are being scrutinized more than ever. For more than 30 years, employers across America have trusted Berkley Select to protect their assets and reputation. We offer industry-leading insurance coverages and risk management services for private companies and nonprofit organizations. Policyholders can depend on state-of-the-art policy and coverage features.

Executive Liability Coverages

Directors and Officers Liability

Helps protect the personal assets of directors and officers from allegations of failing to act in the best interest of the organization.

Employment Practices Liability

Stand-alone employment practices liability coverage for private and public companies to protect against risks like age discrimination, wrongful termination, and harassment.

Fiduciary Liability Insurance

Coverage for individuals who either have a part in the decision-making of an employee benefit plan, administer a plan or its assets, or whose name or title is included on benefit plan documents are named as fiduciaries

Nonprofit Liability Insurance

Nonprofit liability insurance protects the assets of a nonprofit organization and its individual directors, officers, employees and volunteers from expenses arising from allegations of wrongful acts.

Innovative Risk Management Solutions

As a private company or executive, you have your own unique risk management needs. That’s why we provide complimentary employment loss prevention services that offer valuable solutions, including:

  • Toll-free hotline with access to personalized, professional HR consultation and expertise.

  • Policyholder accessible website container articles, sample documents, and loss prevention resources.

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Proven Private Companies and Executive Liability Claims Expertise

Berkley Select's core cultural value stresses personal accountability, allowing us to identify and address localized market conditions and more efficient claims handling than most other insurance providers. In addition, an extensive claims database identifies trends that can be shared with you, as a policyholder.

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Percentage of private companies reporting a D&O claim in the last three years

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The average reported loss of a D&O claim

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$514 Million

Amount collected by the EEOC in 2022 for workplace discrimination