Q&A with Bill Fair, Chief Underwriting Officer

Photo of Bill Fair

As Chief Underwriting Officer, Bill oversees our growing Lawyers Professional Liability and Management Liability teams. He has a background in finance and law, but his passion for inspiring and engaging employees as well as meeting or exceeding client needs lead him to question how people think and what ultimately drives and motivates them, hence Bill began studying the work of world-renowned Positive Psychologist and former President of the American Psychological Association, Martin Seligman.

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August's Select Employee (2022)

Photo of Ashley Fredricksen

Meet Ashley Fredricksen, our Assistant Vice President of Underwriting for Lawyers Professional Liability (LPL). We sat down with Ashley to discuss her impressive career trajectory in LPL in addition to learning more about Berkley Select’s recently launched Lawyers Middle Market sector.

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June's Select Employee (2022)

Photo of Chris Zanchelli

Our Vice President of Underwriting, Chris Zanchelli, talks about the evolution of Management Liability insurance he has witnessed in his 13+ years with Berkley Select along with some new product launches as we continue to celebrate our 30th year milestone anniversary.

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April's Select Employee (2022)

Photo of Brad Mulcahey

“I never planned for a career in insurance, but after experiencing how the industry successfully navigated 9/11 and the 2007 Financial Crisis, I’ve come to appreciate the security a career in this industry affords. We can see this as well in the wake of the pandemic – these are serious shocks that left other industries decimated, but insurance is resilient since it’s such a crucial need in the world.“

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