Berkley Select Expands Appetite Offering Coverage for Nonprofit Legal Aid Services

A judge's hand comforts a persons' hands that are folded over a contract

Berkley Select recently expanded our appetite for Nonprofit Legal Aid Service providers. We created an innovative solution that includes comprehensive coverage for organizations offering Legal Aid Services. Learn more about this expansion and why it is a unique solution for policyholders to place their management and lawyers professional liability coverage all with Berkley Select.

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Q&A with Jeff Yao, Chief Claims Officer

Photo of Jeff Yao

As Chief Claims Officer, Jeff oversees Berkley Select’s claims team – both the Professional and Management Liability lines of business. With a robust background in law including 25+ years in the commercial insurance industry, Jeff talks to us about his career trajectory, how claims are handled at Berkley Select and the importance of investing in Employment Law Insurance. Jeff also gives us his perspective of why insurance is such a rewarding career for just about every profession out there.

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Q&A with Dan Spragg, President of Berkley Select

Photo of Dan Spragg

Dan lead Berkley Select in celebrating our 30th year milestone anniversary in 2022. Here he talks about his career trajectory along with his perspective on why a career in insurance is a wise choice based on stability, growth and opportunity. For those that are graduating this spring, Dan has some advice for the class of 2023.

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